1991-2001 Weekly Church Attendance

These figures show the increase or decline in weekly attendance in Australian churches over a 10 year period (1991-2001). The attendance picture is then compared to the increase or decline of the number of congregations in that denomination. Those that are growing are planting churches – those that are not planting churches have leveled off or are declining:


Anglicans: 7% decline in weekly attendance, 9% decline in number of congregations

Lutherans: 18% decline in weekly attendance, 5% decline in number of congregations

Uniting: 22% decline in weekly attendance, 22% decline in number of congregations

Apostolic: 32% increase in weekly attendance, 67% increase in number of congregations

Assemblies of God: 30% increase in weekly attendance, 37% increase in number of congregations


We need to 'crunch' the numbers for Adventists and others – but even the anecdotal evidence is disturbing and all the the churches put together are not keeping pace with the population growth!

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  1. Wayne Field

    Thank you for this reminder Peter. We need to keep striving to do beter. I think it’s a matter of dying to ourselves, considering others before ourselves – and all too often we get in our comfort zones, surrounded by friends at church and we become unwilling (or too busy) to let others in to those circles.

    [B.T.W. Principal of the Baptist Theological College in WA, Brian Harris, is now a contributor at the Ra’ah blog. His latest article, called “Charisma as Disadvantage,” is an excellent comment on leadership and preaching]

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