‘7 Ways to Lose’

Check out Steve Addisons website Movements that Change the World and see what he means when he says –
1. Without multiplication we lose.
2. Without a global perspective we lose.
3. Without the gospel we lose.
4. Without an army we lose.
5. Without mobility we lose.
6. Without a lack of resources we lose.
7. Without faith we lose.

3 Comments ‘7 Ways to Lose’

  1. Trevor

    Sooo …. that means …. it’s still possible the whole shebang, not just this world, but the whole of creation, could go down the gurgler because “we” did not pull our weight?

  2. Matt Britten

    I reckon Steve is right on…Isaiah might put it this way: “Arise and shine, for your light has come…Isa 60:1” Matt

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