A Person!

Jesus is the greatest gift God has given to us – the gift of Himself. (John 3:16) And the Holy Spirit is the second greatest gift – also the gift of Himself.

The Holy Spirit is a very special person. Unfortunately, too many Christians are unsure of the Spirit or their relationship with Him. Some think of Him as simply a force or influence – and miss on the relationship of which Jesus spoke. (John 14:16) But, the Holy Spirit is not just an energy, influence or power.

The Holy Spirit is real – a special, powerful person. Jesus constantly referred to the Holy Spirit as “he” and “him” – another Counselor, the Spirit of truth who we can know for He lives in our lives to fill us with the presence of Jesus and guide us! (Read John 14:16-26; 15:26; 16:13-14)

The Holy Spirit has the attributes we associate with a person. The apostle Paul wrote about –

  • the mind of the Spirit (Rom 8:27)
  • the knowledge of the Spirit (1 Cor 2: 11; also see Acts 15:28)
  • the will of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:11)

The Holy Spirit:

  • Loves (Rom 15:30)
  • Enjoys fellowship (2 Cor 13:14)
  • Can be grieved (Eph 4:30)
  • Can be insulted (Heb 10:29)
  • Speaks (1 Tim 4:1)
  • Bears witness (Rom 8:16)
  • Helps us (Rom 8:26)
  • Intercedes for us (Rom 8:26
  • Gives us gifts (1 Cor 12: 11)
  • Invites sinners to look, to Jesus (Rev 22:17)

Clearly, the Holy Spirit is a person. If He were simply a powerful influence, we would try to get hold of it – to use it. However, when we see the way Jesus and the apostles spoke of and related to Him we will study to know Him and seek to develop a relationship with him.

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