CHICK’S CHURCH is for the girls!

“We are a bunch of girls who love the Lord – and love being together,” explains Adele. They get together to share cookies – and to worship and pray for each other. Their next meeting will be in an inner Melbourne city garden. “We plan to have some really nice fruit and serve coffee to people who pass by,” says Adele. “There is nowhere where you cannot meet to pray and invite friends to join you!”

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  1. Darius the Younger

    Hello Peter! Congrats on this idea!
    I am a church Younger (refuse to call myself an Elder) in a 2nd/3rd gen ethnic church in Melbourne. Problem: Young people who CANNOT bring their friends to Church and cannot develop their own abilities in THEIR native tongue (ie english). Solution: MYGroups (Motivated Youth Groups). Started with one, now have four (all up around 40-50 people) including “MYGroup Immerse” which has a regular attendance of 14 (only two, including me are baptised) and is aiming for a baptism in Feb 2007.
    The barrier we face is integration of these groups into the ethnic church. Face a wall of opposition to cultural/stylistic and language changes. I fear that forming a new church would be very painful and divisive. What are your (and your reader’s) thoughts?

  2. hamo

    Nice to see you blogging Peter. We met in WA earlier this year!

    I reckon it’ll be great to hear your insights

  3. Wayne Field

    Hi Peter

    I’m enjoying your blog. Thank you.

    It’s encouraging to hear stories of innovative ways Churches are connecting with people.

    Looking forward to reading more from you.


  4. peter

    Hello Darius. MYGroups sounds like a great idea – and it seems they are working! Experience suggests challenges in integrating this type of group into an established church – with cultural, ownership & identity issues. I would be interested to learn of the values & vision of the the MYGroups.

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