Here are some Christmas ideas from planters in Sydney, Australia:

  • CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX: Kids go out to the community to invite people to pack a shoebox with toys, candies, books, etc. These shoeboxes are collected and then distributed to needy families with kids.
  • SCHOOL BREAK CRECHE: Organize different activities and workshops during the school holidays. These usually run for 2-4 hours every day. Parents sign in their kids and leave them at the church/community center and have time to go shopping, etc. These are promoted in the schools and local community.
  • NATIVITY PLAYS: This is for kids who like action, singing and drama. Invite them to be part of a program that is performed for parents and the community – like at the community Christmas Carols.
  • KIDS CHOIR: Organize a kid’s choir for Christmas and invite kids from the community to be part of it. They can sing at different occasions like the community Christmas Carols.  

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