Church Shopping?!

Are you church shopping – going to a different place each week? Share your experiences and ideas here. What could it mean to "be church" and commit to one fellowship or community? Or, is it time to get some friends together to start something new and creative – so you can share your faith with your friends who don't know Jesus? (To see Mark Baines' article and see other comments – click here or on the link 'Hello Church Shopper' above right!)

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  1. Mark Baines

    Hey- there’s some other responses and the ‘church shopping’ article at the ‘Hello Church Shopper’ link on the right. Take a look…

  2. Daniel McLean

    After reading “Attention, Church Shoppers” in Record June 28 2008,I felt as though the way it was worded by Mark Baines that it was directed at all people that read it.Thats just how I felt as it was in the way it was wrote.Yes what he had to say was very true,but not of all people.I myself am not a church-shopper.I have been attending before,and now a member of Lismore church since I was baptised,and not once have I ever gone looking for enougher church to see if it was better.And yes,I dont agree with everybody in my church,but thats life.I believe God has called me to be a Lay Preacher,and I am now attending other churchs in my area,but this is only because God has opened up doors for me to Preach,whoever I have no intention of joining enougher church unless I’m called there by God.Like I say,it is a good articel,but I jsu t found they way it was worded to be as though it was aimed at all readers.God bless you and keep strong in Him.Daniel McLean.

  3. Mark Baines


    The wording of the article was intended to speak specifically to those whose experience it described. There are many who I was not speaking directly to, but who could relate to what was said and share it with others who may need to hear the message. I’m glad to hear you’re going to preach in your local church – be bold as God speaks through you!

    God bless

  4. Gail

    When you have been a member of the same Church for 19 years, and your teenage child has a break down and becomes a high school dropout, you would expect the Pastor &/or School Chaplain to keep in touch.
    I have not been back to my Church for 8 months now, because it hurts so much that not one mother of my child’s friends has kept in touch. My daughter was in a Christian School and when she alienated her Christian friends, their mothers alienated me, and also what hurts is that neither of the two Pastors has noticed that I am missing. My heart aches for the Pastors to care, but they are busy with their ministries to those without problems.
    After 4 months I tried another Church, I go occasionally, I arrive as it starts, and leave as soon as it finishes. I do not want anyone else to know that I am struggling at home. We give up to much of ourselves when we give up our privacy and problems.
    When we did have the best Pastor that I have ever known (Pr Neil Watts), God took him away to QLD.
    People need to Church Shop to find a Pastor that has the time to care.

  5. peter

    Thanks for sharing, Gail. You are in a painful valley. I just hope some friends could come around you. Unfortunately, many churches are ‘set-up’ to disappoint in times of crisis, loss and great need. It is interesting that in the New Testament we do not read of any of churches having a paid (or even unpaid) pastor to do the ministry – to visit and support in times of crisis. Rather, life revolved around groups made up of close family and friends who met together each week to eat (that was the worship time and service), to support each other, to encourage in coping with the challenges of life. I want to encourage you to choose one or two women friends – and ask them whether they would form a regular little group with you to pray and talk and share (to cry and walk life together). This is where we get our ‘pastoral care’!

  6. kim marklew

    hi, i would just like to say that what you guys are doing with the kids is so buitiful if we had more people out there like yous the world would be a much better place…keep up the good work…

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