Conscious Café opens Upper Room (USA)

“At-risk youth who have been hanging out at our Conscious Café (in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) have now taken up our challenge to create a teen-drop-in-center upstairs,” says planter Andrew Clark. “They call it the Upper Room. We are about 4 weeks into this new launch and we have on average 25-30 youth every Friday night, about 10-15 on other event nights and 5-10 during planning nights.  Only 2 out of the 62 we have information on say they go to church or claim membership of a specific church.  Most have never been in a church.  We have had 8 now sign up to be part of a Christian Bible study group!” The vision statement developed by the youth is: The Upper Room is an enjoyable, secure place from which local youth provide opportunities to unify themselves in productive activities, interaction with faith and in helping our community. Andrew says, “Please pray for us! We still have no clue what we are doing!” (But, God does!)

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