Conscious Café (USA)

Following disastrous floods in Pittsburg (Pennsylvania), Adventist Community Services provided relief and support. Executive Director Andrew Clark was also aware of the spiritual needs of the devastated community. Now, with the support of that community, they have opened Conscious Café – an extremely successful storefront specializing in loose leaf tea, herbal infusions, fruit smoothies, organic salads and wraps; and providing internet wifi access and a used book store.  This is on Main Street, Carnegie – a prime spot 12 miles from the Pittsburgh Airport and 12 miles from the city center. All proceeds go to community development and individual empowerment projects. The cafe provides further opportunities to build relationships.

3 Comments Conscious Café (USA)

  1. Mike Stevenson

    This is like back to the future with what Ellen G W told us would work really well in New York City. I’m glad someone is listening to inspiration!!!
    ANdy would you call me at the Ohio Confernce office
    740-397-4665 ex 146


  2. Deb Bandel

    Andy, We have a big box of books that have be collected sitting in our Washington PA SDA church vestibule. How can we get these to you?

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