‘Crazy Woman’ & Disused Railway Wagon

One day Biala received a call saying that ‘some crazy woman wants to use this railway wagon’ and that the fire authorities had been directed to use heavy cranes to lift it to the grass-strip near the lines. Biala was that ‘crazy woman’! Biala has lived at the railway siding in the isolated village of Vlast√©jevice (population 300) for 28 years – and a simple ministry of children’s activities had grown to where it could no longer be housed in her home or small railway office. The village people looked for alternatives, Biala spoke with authorities about using a disused railway wagon sitting on the sidelines – and she prayed. She and many in the community are convinced that God answered her prayers – to get her application through all the ‘red tape.’ ‘Over the years Biala has gained the reputation as a woman of prayer,’ says church planting coordinator in Bohemia, Vitek Vurst. ‘People come to her office for prayer – for they know God answers her requests!’ Today this disused dilapidated railway wagon is the centre of children and teen community activities – including the ‘old teens’ (grandparents); and their worship centre!

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