Do you know a ‘person of peace’?

Jesus said to connect to the ‘person of peace’. Church planters look for this person – one who is hospitable, with whom the Holy Spirit is working, who has influence within his or her relational stream in society, and has a reputation (good or bad) within the community. These people can open their relational network to knowing Jesus – and multiplying the reach of the gospel. Check out these links for more ideas: ‘person of peace‘ / ‘simple church’ / ‘simply church‘ – and then look for and relate to these people in your communities!

1 Comment Do you know a ‘person of peace’?

  1. Wyman Kingsley

    “Person of peace” this should be all our character, love inspires peace
    Ephesians 4:30-32 is my love of peace that Jesus has concreted in my heart

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