Don’t do church to plant one!

Reflecting on church planting in the secular Dutch society, Rudy Dingjan – church planter and planting coordinator for the Netherlands, says: ‘Don’t do church to plant one!’ He writes, ‘Secular people are not interested in denominations or church buildings. To reach them, we have to get out of our comfort zone and meet them where they are. You definitely won’t find them in church or a Bible study group. Church plants reaching secular people in the Netherlands have one thing in common: they are strong in running non-religious activities in which people get a taste of the gospel!’ For more check out non-religious activities to plant churches!

1 Comment Don’t do church to plant one!

  1. David Lawton

    Great comment Peter. I agree! (that’s always what we really mean when we say it is a great comment isn’t it). Most people think ‘Church’ when they think about Church planting. Most Church planters in the West begin and end with the Church meeting in mind when they plan a Church plant. But actually it is the last thing we need to think about. Church is consequential to other activities. Those activities look a lot like the ministry of Jesus. Preaching the Gospel, power encounters, making disciples and starting a cause driven movement. Church, I believe, are those who are called to these Jesus activities. It is the gathering… of those on mission….

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