Email from a Planter

Hi Peter. Thanks so much for your insight and materials. We are located in Meridian Idaho (next to Boise) and our 150 church decided to at first plant a church just west in a neighboring Nampa Idaho. After 6 months of planting, I decided we needed a change of pace. I began using the term Launch and setting dates. We had been meeting as a group which broke into another group. We had a baptism as well as new people attending. When I transferred to a launch mentality combined with your resources things started to happen much quicker. We are starting our first monthly service October 6th, 2012 with scheduled come back events every two weeks. We will be building up and launching weekly services, combined with our three groups now meeting. We have somewhere around 40 people at this point with praying to have 70-100 in February. We are reaching out the community, making our name known at various events and just loving people. The Experience Church is a church geared toward and seems to be successful in meeting those seeking for God for the first time as well as those who have been burnt by church in the past. This is a little different model than you suggest, but may be something to consider. If there is an established church out there wanting to plant/launch it can be done! Also note, this plant is not receiving funds from the mother church, just some people who were not that involved in the first place. Our main method in reaching others is through friendships, knowing Jesus model brings true success. Thanks again and please pray for us as the kingdom of this world has not seemed to like what we are doing. It has not been easy, as we should not expect it to be… Anthony Thomsen. Check out Experience Church.

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