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Emerging Adventism – possibilities?

"Although there is widespread misunderstanding of emerging church – and valid criticisms – the principles, when applied with care, may provide Seventh-day Adventism with new frames and expressions within which the Adventist message and mission could flourish in postmodern societies. Contrary to popular opinion, postmodernism may be less a threat to the church than modernism has been." You can get the full text of Church Next: what could emerging Adventism look like? a workshop presented by Peter Roennfeldt at the Australian Council of Adventist Pastors on February 8 at Avondale College by leaving a note in comments. The next generations are disconnecting from church, some are leaving church to be Church, and new expressions of church are emerging – whether we like it or not.  Church planters, pastors and denominational leaders cannot afford to neglect emerging church.

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  1. Mark Baines

    Hi Pete-

    I thought I had a copy – but cannot place it. Do you mind sending one through? {Sent} Any chance there’s an mp3 version?!?!

  2. Darren Jacob

    Could I get a copy of church next what could emerging Adventism look like?.I am very interested in post modernism and how to reach these people in new ways (SENT)

  3. Laurentiu Nistor

    Dear Peter, I appreciate your work and I would also like to receive the full text of the seminar. Thanks. (SENT)

  4. Jon-Ross Ennest

    Would I be able to get a copy of the full text presentation as well please. Thank you! (SENT)

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