FOCUS Teen Church

FOCUS Teen Church was launched in Jan 2006. The name FOCUS stands for Focusing On Christ’s Ultimate Sacrifice.

It started as a monthly Friday evening outreach worship event organized & run by teenagers – and met in the Newbold Primary School Hall (west of London). Involvement, music & food are key elements.

Involvement: The FOCUS teen leaders meet regularly to plan programs, games, activities and food – and involve other teens in running all the various activities.   

Music: “Realising that music was key to get teens involved, a FOCUS band was started with a group of teenagers,” says Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist – their mentor & pastor. “Some of the teens were still learning their instrument, but a year on the FOCUS band is being asked to play at other venues.”

FOCUS Teen Church started meeting every Friday night in January this year – and had their first baptism on March 3.

FOCUS teens are inviting other teenagers from their school – and around 40 teens attend each Friday evening with up to 50% being their community & school friends. Some whose first contact with church was FOCUS now regularly attend. The team is now looking at how they can move FOCUS into Secondary schools in the area.

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