Lessons from a Planter

1. Be up front about Jesus. 2. Keep moving. 3. Stop planting churches. Start making disciples. 4. Cast vision early for simple neighborhood churches. 5. Stop trying to reach one person at a time. Look for the person of peace, then … 6. Don’t focus on ‘mature’ Christians. The newest believers are … 7. Begin… Continue reading

7-9 @ Carmel

This is a fresh opportunity for secondary students at Carmel College to ‘experience God’ and also ‘participate in community service programs.’ At the Western Australia Church Planting Summit the ‘4-14 Window’ was discussed, the research that indicates most who accept Jesus do so between 4 and 14 years of age. Most churches do well at… Continue reading

Munchy Morish Mondays

Each Monday The XChange planting team in Kariong (NSW) provides morning tea for teachers and staff of the Kariong Public School. ‘They love the goodies we provide,’ says planter Laurel Ansell – and have labeled it ‘munchy morish Mondays’.