Innovation in the Open!

Monte Sahlin writes: ‘Michael Temple is a pastor in South Dakota. He recently obtained the use of a 3,400-square-foot commercial space in the shopping mall in town and is experimenting with various kinds of outreach. He started a blog where he tells you precisely what he is experimenting with and then gives you the raw… Continue reading

Cottage Beck Café hosts ‘Street Pastors’

Street Pastors has united denominations in service in cities all across Britain and is doing the same in Scunthorpe (Lincolnshire). Many vicars, pastors, and ministers have shown interest in being involved. This Thursday evening (Jan 22) local Council officers, police representatives, magistrates, media, church leaders and members, local licensees and nightclub representatives, etc, will meet… Continue reading

Soup Kitchen Popular

“Skyrocketing rental prices and the cost of living are ‘trapping more Maroondah families in poverty,’” reports social worker David Knoop in the Maroondah Leader (the area newspaper in eastern Melbourne). David Knoop, with Connections, runs The Dining Room  – a soup kitchen – where the number coming for food has almost doubled since December 2007 to 90… Continue reading

Church is the Question

John Caputo says: “The church is not the answer. The church is the question!” This is the question (for church planters as well): How does Jesus’ distance from us illuminate what we must say and do in the different situation in which we find ourselves? (What would Jesus deconstruct? p. 34)

B.L.L.E.S.M. – practical discipleship!

The Uniting Church pastor and church planter at Hampton Park (Melbourne), Mat Harry, is experimenting with a simple acronym to cultivate disciples in his churches and groups. Built around the idea of becoming a blessing to their community, it is simple, comprehensive, and biblical, and includes reflection/action learning. Members will explore one aspect of discipleship one… Continue reading