Creative Ideas for Kid’s Ministries

With many church planting teams involved in ministry for community kids and teens we have invited some to share some of the ideas they are using. Click on Kids' Ministry Ideas and explore. Also share your most creative ideas and check out Melissa Hambrick's excellent article, The Parent Factor, from Outreach magazine. (Thanks Julie Weslake for sending this article.)


Kids Action Nights work well, reports Atte Helminen from Finland. Established churches, church plants and home churches are using this ministry idea. Go to > details on how it works. This is something you could use for the kids in your community.


Here are some Christmas ideas from planters in Sydney, Australia: CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX: Kids go out to the community to invite people to pack a shoebox with toys, candies, books, etc. These shoeboxes are collected and then distributed to needy families with kids. SCHOOL BREAK CRECHE: Organize different activities and workshops during the school holidays. These… Continue reading


Here are ideas from three church plants in the Netherlands: Middelpunt church planting team use GAME NIGHTS – where teenage kids from the neighbourhood bring their own gear (like TV-sets and game boxes) to a rented community centre and have the time of their life, gaming all night. Middelpunt also have a GIRLS CLUB for… Continue reading


Jigsaw is a creative ministry in Fremantle, Western Australia – that may even emerge as a church plant. Brad Flynn shares the following 'learnings' from the past 6-8 months. This may give you some ideas to brainstorm around:  1)     Kid’s Holiday programs are a great start!  We’ve been utilising the Group publishing resources such as… Continue reading


Dana and Leslie King moved to Yeovil, England to plant a church. Two plants have been cultivated – and a community ministry involving hundreds of kids and a local charity to foster support has been established. Dana shares a few principles – and some very practical ideas: Involve community kids in planning and leading. Let… Continue reading

Kid’s Action Night – a great idea!

"Kid’s Action Night – is running in Tampere and it works well," reports Atte Helminen from Finland. "Some 80 community kids come regularly for this action and spiritually filled event." Established churches, church plants and home churches are using this ministry idea. Go to to get details on how it works. This is something you could use… Continue reading