It is time to say THANKS!

As well as a time to share faith – and celebrate with our communities – this time of the year also gives an opportunity to say THANKS. A couple of weeks ago our Living Waters plant had a worship time entitled In Appreciationduring which we praised God and expressed appreciation for the contributions that so many make to our fellowship and witness. Then, this last weekend we had an Agape Brunchwith worship, fellowship, eating (breakfast-lunch), the Lord's meal, annointing prayer, thanks and praise. We again expressed thanks to God for the birth of Jesus – and for his rebirth in our lives each day. I invite you to click on comments below and write your message of PRAISE to God or THANKS to someone who encourages you. I pray that God will bless each of you. 

1 Comment It is time to say THANKS!

  1. re:vive gang

    We had some of our small group get together for a sharing time last evening and it really was wonderful. Reflecting what God has done in our lives and in the life of re:vive in 2006. It is so exciting and I can’t think of anything better to be doing!!!!!!!! So I was wondering if you would please reserve a slot in your diary for when we get to heaven because I would just love for you to meet all our new friends and them also to meet you. You are the one who was used by God to kick start us by saying that we were a group that looked like we liked to have fun and that our fishing pool were those we come into contact with every day – and so we ran with that and amazing things are happening all the time in the individual lives of our friends and the core team. So thank you so much Peter! …

    Love from the re:vive gang!

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