KORINTA – growing people!

Are we living for God? Does his will consume our lives? Are our lives defined by his sacrificial attitude? How is your church plant or emerging initiative helping people grow in faith, love and hope? With the growth of people their focus, healthy small groups are fostered – for this is where relationships are built and life happens.


Worship services take a different form, with variety each week –

1.  Korinta Café – a jazzy, relaxing, thought provoking experience. With games, a real café, acoustic music, art all over the place, and emphasis upon a specific theme – this is an awesome experience.

2.  Between 2 Trees – a 'mega Bible study'. People come to discuss the Bible – café style around a table! Someone then explores the theme up front. (Currently they exploring Bible's Top Soap Operas.)

3.  Korinta Festival – two hours of workshops, prayer groups, activities, etc before a ‘worship concert’ with a feast of food, worship and inspiration.

4.  Small Group Projects – could be the most exciting experience each month. The groups don’t ‘come to church’ but go into the world to share ‘some light’. It is reported that: “Last week we had groups going into an orphanage and just playing with the kids. Then we had some people make cards, which we tied to flowers and just gave these flowers to people on the streets. What amazing stories and experiences we had. People almost cried – when we gave them flowers to cheer them up. A three year old orphan says this was the best day of his life – because someone from our group hugged him and told him that he is loved!”

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