Level Seven was launched in June 2006 and provides opportunities for networking and fellowship with people who want to make a difference in society.

Level Seven was launched by a group of professionals in London who dreamt of an environment where they could invite their colleagues – where they could challenge them intellectually and introduce Christianity through relevant discussions and personal interaction.


Level Seven has, for some of the guests, been an introduction to Christian thought and interacting with Christians in a professional and engaging environment. Some have expressed an interest in discussing Christianity more and look forward to future events.


What is in the name Level Seven? The name suggests that we achieve real fulfillment only if we choose to transcend the basic levels outlined in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – and decide to understand our spiritual needs as well.


What is the purpose of Level Seven? The aim is to create a friendly environment where people from different schools of thought can come together to exchange ideas and enjoy fellowship together. The steering team seeks –

  • to highlight the influence of Christian beliefs in every aspect of our society.
  • to support members to deal effectively with the challenges and opportunities of working in an increasingly secular culture.

What does Level Seven do? Quarterly evening Forums and panel discussions are organized – at venues that underscore the theme. Topics have included Da Vinci Decoded, The Terminally Ill Life – What Value?, Discrimination: How Do We Fight It? Is Litigation the Answer?, and How to avoid another Enron – and the venues chosen so far have included the Institute for Business Ethics, Royal College of Physicians, The Law Society's Hall and The Courthouse Hotel Kempinski.As well as these evening events, Level Seven also plan and hold business breakfasts at hotels or private clubs.

Who is the target group for Level Seven? Level Seven is not exclusive however it aims to be particularly relevant to the professional and affluent population. Invitations are personal and via the website.


What are the goals of Level Seven? The short term goal is to share the gospel of Christ with colleagues – in an environment in which they are used to interacting in – to provide an atmosphere in discussions, forums and personal friendships where people may come to believe in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The long term goal is to see small groups established – and the emergence of a new church.


For more information visit the website www.levelseven.org.uk .

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