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Jesus followed and taught a simple plan to make disciples – (1) connect with people by eating with them – listening to their stories, (2) meet people’s needs – bringing healing – using our stories as a bridge to, (3) sharing God’s story – ‘the kingdom of God is near’. In this News you will find a range of resources and equipping opportunities for disciple-making – for church planters and teams.

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Facebook page: I invite you to like – and share in the conversations. Check out reports of church planting training in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Israel … and more …

100s of Church Planting Teams Equipped in Mwanza (Tanzania): 170 series of public evangelistic meetings will be conducted in Mwanza in September this year. In each of the 170 districts or suburbs teams have been equipped to make disciples – and plant new churches!

Bible Lands Study Tour – 15-30 June 2015: following the disciple making path of Jesus – a great opportunity to walk where Jesus walked! For more information write to [email protected]

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MC2 Multiplying faith communities and churches into Australia: This is for strategic leader/practitioners committed to reaching the non-church majority in the post-Christian Australian context – with the dream of seeing a movement of God. See promotional brochure below – register at

Resources (for more stories and resources –

Check out these –

Qur’an available in English – new!

  • An audio ‘dynamic equivalent’ translation seeking to share the meaning as originally heard, instead of word-by-word – made by Muslims to open the Qur’an to English speakers:
  • Another done by Muslims and Christians intentionally avoiding interpretations shaped by the hadiths and Islamic literature, offering hundreds of footnote references to similar stories or passages in the Bible. This could facilitate your personal study of the Qur’an. To order go to:

Equipping opportunities

MC2 Multiplying faith communities and churches into Australia:

Missional Summit – Melbourne, Australia: 23-25 May 2014: For people passionate about multiplying disciples and seeing new faith communities develop. For details, venue, costs & registrations:

City to City Church Planters Conference: check out

For your interest

The 160-Year Christian History Behind What’s Happening in Ukraine – by Philip Jenkins (distinguished professor of history at Baylor University) / March 5, 2014. He concludes: ‘It would be pleasant to think that the U.S. and Europe are taking these religious factors into full account as they calculate their response to the present crisis in Crimea and Ukraine. Pleasant, but unlikely’. Worth reading …


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