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Dear Friends,

In his Prayer Newsletter planter Peter Hobbs writes: ‘Church planting is over rated because that’s not our job. Disciple making is what we’re called to do. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if every follower of Jesus made one disciple in their workplace? Imagine the gatherings, the movement of God. With Jesus as the head holding it all together we can’t wait to see his resurrected body in action in his people!’

It is really encouraging to see how God is using Peter and Di to connect with their community – especially through many children who are becoming disciples. Maybe it has something to do with the Luke 10:2b Virus they have! Peter and I were recently sitting in a cafe sharing when his phone alerted him to the fact that it was 10.02 am – and time to ‘ask the Lord of the harvest’ for more workers. We stopped right there and prayed for more ‘harvesters from the harvest field’ in which Peter is working.

This NEWS introduces some great resources and stories. Make sure you check out ‘How Martin Luther Went Viral.’ (below)

I wish you every blessing as you multiply new missional groups this year to reach people with the story of Jesus Christ,

Peter Roennfeldt


How Martin Luther Went Viral – a fascinating report and interview by The Economist which planter Gordon Lethbridge alerted me to. It is excellent! Find the link at .

Experiencing Simple Church! Graham and Ailsa Ure have had simple church in their home each Saturday for 18 months now … Read more at .

Church Without Walls: Since their journey into planting Graham and Michelle Hood say ‘church has become amazing’! They love it – as do their friends, some who are traveling along distances to be at their home each week!

It could become a Multiplying Hub! North Harbour (Auckland) Adventist Church now has seven very active Growth Groups – involving 60-70 participants. Already based on ‘relational streams’, they met on Tuesday evening last week to learn more about being multiplying small church plants – for as they share their faith in Jesus Christ with friends, those friends will best connect through their small groups, rather than being transferred into a larger and ‘foreign’ church environment. The pastor, Doug McLeod, is excited about the possibility of the church becoming a hub of a mini church planting movement!

Resources (for more stories and resources –

Small Boat Big Sea TEN Conference with Mike Frost, Ed Stetzer, Dan Kimball & Others – 24-26 Feb 2012: For more info and registration:

Missional Communities Australia – discipleship workshop 6-8 March 2012 @ Crossway: For Information and online registration is at

Oikos Melbourne West Gathering – 12 Feb 2012 (3-5 pm @ Beth Tephillah, 55 Park Crescent, Williamstown): Share with others involved in simple/house church. If you plan to attend call Mal or Di Dow on (03) 9397 2430. See

Mission Britain Review: ( Read more or download the document – –

Mission Possible II Resource: For presentation/dialogue sessions by Peter Roennfeldt – equipping Adventist planters from England (in Greece) – link

Using the Ministry Model of Jesus: The cell model, similar to what Hudson Taylor used, is working in China today. ‘We cross the places Taylor church planted,’ says Edward Gourlay. ‘We are directors of International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.’ Edward is willing to train any person or group in the Healing Room model, it is a great way to evangelize – regardless of the belief or non-belief of the people. Write to [email protected] for further contact.

This is discipleship: Check out this video on YouTube:


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