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Hello planters,

For 5 years I have been involved at grass-roots church planting again. Each plant has been the work of believers committed to missional initiatives, my role has been ‘encourager/facilitator’. Each plant has its own character –

Living Waters, on Gilson College campus, is an environment of acceptance. Relaxed, open, interactive! Teams cultivate a range of opportunities – worship (10AM), small group Bible reading, SKIDZ Alive (kids church), Snack-n-Chat, Outdoors, Road to Calvary, fellowship meals, Living Waters Chapels on campus, etc. I love it!

Melton is more structured – in organization and worship style. It was started by 6-8 committed to this satellite city, west of Melbourne. Evangelistic approaches are more ‘traditional’ – letter-boxing for interests, visiting and Bible studies. Opportunities are given to connect with Christian TV and an FM radio broadcast in the area. But this is ‘contemporary’ for those they share with – and there is a sit-down fellowship meal after every worship time (highly recommended)! Every year a Christmas meal is offered to many in the community who are without friends or family. Prayer and warm fellowship is what this group is about. It is little surprise that this plant is reaching new people! I love it!

Revive has been planted by young adults. It is part of the replanted Croydon Christian Community and involves many missional initiatives – Vive Cafe (a weekly community meal for 100+ – over 250 at Christmas), a school for broken kids, partnership with a range of community service projects and organizations, small groups, prayer groups, house churches, celebration worship (4PM), and reflective worship (10.30AM) each week, etc. This is a messy, exciting journey of faith – an illustration of church being handed to next generations and ‘on the path of life’ for the unchurched! I love it!

It has been an enormous privilege to walk with such committed people. But these churches/plants/gatherings have now been handed on! This is what I have worked towards – encouraging and releasing churches (gatherings) so that they are not dependent upon me! More than than, so that they will release others and multiply – perhaps even a movement!

There are a bunch of resource ideas in this NEWS. Check them out – and more at

Be faithful,

Peter Roennfeldt

PS: This year Judy and I will be involved in a number of equipping opportunities in various regions and countries. I will give more details in the next NEWS. Peter

CHURCH PLANTING NEWS – 2 Feb 2011 (for more resources go to

Mosaic Coffee @ the Gabba: It happens twice each month – a great breakfast & the opportunity to support various local, national & international charities. Check out Sunday Feb 6 is the first this year, raising funds for Queensland Flood victims.

Missional Australia Day Party: Elaine & Rob invited friends to an international Australia Day party. Their inspiration for invites came from Luke 14:12 – ‘When you give a dinner or banquet … invite the poor, crippled, lame, blind …’ They invited the man who sells tickets to raise money for kids in impoverished countries outside the PO; the mum and girls next door who have been recently deserted by husband and father for another woman; the pest-control man going through a messy separation – and feeling isolated and broken. All invited brought a dish representing their country of origin – and that included Indian, Russian, Spanish, Swiss, English and German.

Equipping …
Shift:m2M Sampler Days in Sydney and Melbourne: This is a peer learning experience – the opportunity to share a journey with others committed to learning about movement building through the life of Jesus. Walk through the Gospels chronologically and experience how Jesus cultivated a movement! Check out the Sampler – Feb 10 in Sydney & Feb 16 in Melbourne. Go to for details.

Church Planting Conference with Stuart Murray-Williams (UK), David Chatelier & Martin Boutros – Feb 18-20, 2011: for venue, costs & registration see

Western Australia Church Planting Summit – March 4-7, 2011 @ Logue Brook Dam: Plan to participate in a developing movement of church planters. In 2010 over 100 planters were equipped and inspired – in 2011, it may be 200+. Check out – and contact Marilyn Ostring for registration details [email protected]. Presenters include Glenn Townend – Adventist leader in Western Australia, Milton Adams – Simple Church practitioner & specialist, Peter Roennfeldt – church planter & consultant! Every existing team of church planters is encouraged to enlist and bring a team of four who could launch a fresh expression of church!

Exponential 2011: On the Verge! Could the church be on the verge of something big? The largest gathering of church planting leaders on the planet – the 2011 Exponential Conference. The Exponential Conference and the Verge Conference are joining forces to host this historic, international event, On the Verge, April 26 – 29, 2011 in Orlando, FL.

Connect …

Sydney: Ben Thow (a graduate of Morling College) with some friends are starting a missional group in the inner south of Sydney this year – and would like to be in touch with others groups doing the same in this area. Contact
[email protected] / mob 0416 023 900

Norway: Gunnhild & Jan Erik have pioneered an amazing missional community in Steigen, north Norway. Now they are looking for others who would like to share the journey with them – moving to the area of some time. Contact

Resources …

The Demographic Problem: check this out at


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