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God can use all of us to gather people who do not know him into faith. Here are stories of people connecting with their communities in practical relational ways – on the paths of life! These will inspire and encourage you with ideas – and ways to move forward. Don’t miss the story of ‘some crazy woman’ (below) – nor that of the ‘Church Planting Family’ posted at

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Disused Railway Wagon – Ministry Centre: Vlastéjevice has a population of about 300. Biala has lived at the railway gates for 28 years – changing the points on the line and opening and closing the road crossing gates. In the early days Biala supplemented her meagre income by selling ‘odd & ends’ and books in her home. She started ‘games and stories for children’. Five years ago this growing Pathfinder Club (a Scout-type community group) – with children, leaders (youth) and ‘old pathfinders’ (grandparents) participating; needed extra room. Application was made for a disused railways wagon sitting on side lines. No one really knows how it was processed through the ‘red-tape’ and ‘regulations’ but one day Biala received a call saying that ‘some crazy woman wants to use this railway wagon’ and that the fire authorities had been directed to use heavy cranes to lift it to the grass-strip near the lines. Biala was that ‘crazy woman’! ‘But,’ church planting coordinator Vitek Vurst says, ‘Biala is known by all in this village as a person of prayer!’ Each weekend about 20 people share interactive activities, life stories (old and young), singing, conversational prayer (often through singing), games, acting out Bible stories, and food. Once each month a ‘special weekend’ involves 30-45 people – and each year a 14 day summer camp is organized for the village, involving over 60 people.

Check out for the following and other stories –
Church Planting Family – in small rural Czech town.
Denominational administrator now Church Planting – and loving it!

Book Reading Group: Three ladies in Paynesville (VIC Australia) started a book club, after one lady said she’d love to read through the Bible. Having little Bible knowledge she felt it was a good book and had always wanted to read it. Another lady has recently joined them. Recently her two teenage sons had a day off from school and joined her and the others reading it. One of them has agreed to meet weekly with a couple of other friends and explore it for himself. The ladies have been discovering that the Holy Spirit is a great teacher, exploring all kinds of subjects like angels, prayer, spiritual warfare and many Christan teachings as they just read through Luke. (Dialogue NEWS – June 2011)

Home Donated by Community: Paul, Erzika and their family have lived in Chot?bo? for years. Four years ago the family started a little cafe, which is now a ‘health shop.’ The business struggles – but growing contact has been made with the town. With a core team of 8, a ‘scout-like’ children’s community program was started – growing quickly to more than 40 involved. Recently the town authorities gave them a large house to use as a club-centre for their work with children and teens – and also their growing worship gatherings.

News Snippets …
In the past the Bplus Comunity Centre (in Hradec Králové) has provided a range of services – language, drama and computer classes, crafts and social events etc, and a worship group/church called Trinity has formed.
Trinity church is now focusing on a community gospel choir – with 30+ involved in practice each week, social interaction through BBQs and weekend camps, and a quarterly special music worship/concert attracting 90+.
As well as the established Adventist church in Liberec, a second is being planted. ‘This is a long-term process,’ says leader of Faith Generation Petr Cincala. ‘We have a centre in the town offering a range of services and support.’
Faith Generation holds an annual week-long holiday camp for those involved in their various programs – mother’s, children, families; and this last week about 70 camped beside a stream in a beautiful camp near Raspenava.


Reboot Your Spiritual Life by Matthew Gamble (available from

DIALOGUE Conference – Ordinary People, Extraordinary God: Aug 27-28 at the Paynesville Community Centre, The Esplanade Paynesville, VIC Australia. Bookings:03 5156 0065 or [email protected].


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