NEWS 25 Mar 03

Dear Friends – In this NEWS you will find more details regarding the CHURCH PLANTERS X-CHANGE in Finland in August. Make sure you have this in your diary – and plan to attend. I pray that God will continue to lead and bless each of you – in leading lost people to Jesus. Christian regards, Peter Roennfeldt




CHIP SHOP SUPPER (Fishpool Community Church, North England Conference)

“Our chip shop supper went well,” reports church planter Peter Jeynes. “Although some members still haven’t quite got the idea that bringing friends (or even having friends) is a safe thing to do – we did have visitors and a good time.”

“On Saturday night we are having a concert over at Bethesda (the church building opposite) when we expect up to 200 to attend,” Peter adds.

“We are raising funds for the ADRA annual appeal. A good turnout will further raise morale – and three of our friends are considering baptism.”

Peter Jeynes says that everything being done this year is also leading up to two weekends of gospel preaching with Ian Sweeney. “We won’t get people to come until we have made friends,” Peter says.


In the CellUK magazine is an excellent article called ‘pastoring the lost.’ The writer describes how we can pastor the people working around us. The aim was to be a ‘pastor’ – without revealing that you are pastoring a person.

“That sounds like the way in which we can grow closer to people and change the world one person at a time,” suggests planter Peter Jeynes.

CHURCH PLANTERS X-CHANGE: 3-10 Aug 2003 at Toivonlinna, Finland (starting with the Sunday evening meal and closing with breakfast the next Sunday) :

Designed to keep fostering the growing church planting movement in Europe.

We are planning two streams at the conference – (1) inspiration and challenge for those already planting, and (2) training and project planning for those who are new.

a. INVITED: All church planters, core groups – and those new or

potential church planters.

b. COSTS: The conference budget will cover the cost of accommodation

and conference facilities. The participants and/or sponsoring fields will be responsible for travel and meals. Meals will be 15 Euro per day per person.

COACHES & LEADERS DIALOGUE: 1-3 Aug 2003: New church plants are reaching lost people in our western countries. Another leaders dialogue is being planned – to come before the X-CHANGE.

a. INVITED: Coaches & Leaders: 1-3 Aug 2003: All western Union &

Conference presidents, church planting coordinators and coaches of planters.

b. COST: The conference budget will cover the cost of accommodation

and conference facilities. The participants and/or sponsoring fields will be responsible for travel and meals. Meals will be 15 Euro per day per person.


Speaking recently at Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Southern Baptist Convention President Jack Graham said that preachers who faithfully proclaim the gospel in today’s culture shouldn’t be surprised when they face criticism or hostility. The chapel address was reported in the March

11 edition of Baptist Press.

“Most of us have paid a very little price for the name of Jesus,”

said Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas. “We have lived, including this preacher, in privilege and not in persecution. Yet as I speak, around the world it is estimated that more Christians are dying, are being persecuted, tortured, imprisoned for the faith than perhaps any other time in human history. We should be praying for the persecuted church around the world.”

Graham noted that Jesus Himself … was persecuted, and He was ultimately placed on the cross because of lies and slander. “We are not greater than our master,” Graham said. “Have you noticed that often today the media in particular portrays Christians as extremists, as intolerant, as hate-mongers, telling lies about who we are as believers and followers of Christ?”

“The fact is that our message is a narrow and exclusive message,”

Graham said. “Yet the message is for the entire world. It is inclusive in that the cross, the blood of Jesus Christ, the power of His resurrection [are] available to all who believe. If you proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ Lord of life, Lord of all, you will face lies, slander and perhaps even worse.” – PreachingNow Vol. 2, No. 11

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