NEWS 23 Jan 06

Hello church planters,      Each week I receive many emails from church planters around the world – and I love the commitment to building 'spiritual friendships' and sharing Jesus with friends. Rebecka (Sweden) reflected on how nice it will be to experience heaven – and wrote: "Sure will be nice to get there someday…. Continue reading

NEWS 13 Feb 06

Hello church planters,        Last week Judy and I moved into a home in the western suburbs of Melbourne (Australia). We are enjoying getting to know the vision of those at Living Waters – a church plant connected to Gilson College (650 students). There are exciting possibilities – and we will really enjoy… Continue reading

NEWS 02 Mar 06

Hello friends,      This NEWS is full of practical ministry ideas. (You will love the story of ‘breakfast worship’ – and the opening of R-Punkt!) Thanks for sharing so many snippets of inspiring news. (Xpres.zo is planning their first baptism this weekend!) Your stories encourage other groups and new church plants. Just today I received an… Continue reading

NEWS 17 Mar 06

Hello friends,      March 4 was a fun day at Living Waters. Our church plant is on the campus of Gilson College – a Christian school with almost 650 primary and secondary students. Only about 10% of students identify closely with any church. However, once a month a selected class participates in our worship service –… Continue reading

NEWS 04 April 06

Hello friends,      Judy and I have just returned home from an Alpha Dinner and discussion with community friends. It is invigorating to introduce Jesus to friends. Alpha will be part of the discipleship path of Living Waters – our church plant.      Many are becoming very serious about church planting to reach unchurched postmoderns. Here are… Continue reading

NEWS 27 April 06

Hello friends,      The apostle John wrote of Jesus, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” (John 1:14 – The Message) This is what church planters do – follow Jesus into their communities. Telling of the ‘buzz’ of being involved in their community, Fiona Selvage (from the re:vive church plant in Grantham,… Continue reading

NEWS 19 May 06

Hello Friends,       Look at these stark facts presented at a conference in Sydney two weeks ago – a picture of reality! Wayne Krause (church planting coordinator for Adventists in Australia) revealed that in the 21 years (1984-2004) the Adventist membership in Australia grew by only 4,540 – while the population grew by 5 million. That… Continue reading

NEWS 02 June 06

Dear Friends,       We see God in the way the church acts. This week I spoke with an eighty year old who said, “I am not connected to the church now.” I knew that fifteen years ago she and her late husband (a church elder at the time) were very active in the church. “But are… Continue reading

NEWS 13 July 06

Hello friends,       In this NEWS there are many short stories that reflect visions. Jesus saw the potential – “the harvest is plentiful!” And, where his Spirit is present – there are visions.      Visions inspire. I recall attending a Baptist conference in Brisbane in the early 90’s (Tony Campolo was the speaker) where plans were being… Continue reading

NEWS 08 Aug 06

Hello friends,  The Alpha Centre (in Záb?eh, Czech Republic) was established in 2003 – with English language classes, family exercise clubs, etc. Over 200 community people register and attend classes each week and a new church, Nova Sance (New Chance), has been planted. However, a new process involving postmoderns (especially 18-25 year olds) has been… Continue reading