Kid’s Action Night – a great idea!

"Kid’s Action Night – is running in Tampere and it works well," reports Atte Helminen from Finland. "Some 80 community kids come regularly for this action and spiritually filled event." Established churches, church plants and home churches are using this ministry idea. Go to to get details on how it works. This is something you could use… Continue reading

Kind or Right?

It's More Important To Be Kind Than Right. It was with these words that Jim Henderson introduced this years Off The Map event called You Say You Want A Revolution. Jim says, "Many theologian types in the room breathed a sigh of relief when Brian McLaren got up and modified my intro with: 'I'm not sure… Continue reading

Frost/Hirsch – Shaping

Frost, Michael & Hirsch, Alan. The Shaping of Things to Come. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2003. Frost and Hirsch propose, and build their book upon, three overarching principles that they see as basic to emerging or missional church and further inform the value we’ll come to you. I have found it extremely valuable to explore… Continue reading

Foster – Living Water

Foster, Richard. Streams of Living Water. San Francisco, CA: Harper Collins, 1998. Foster identifies six traditions or streams of the Holy Spirit’s activity – identifying the impact of these streams in the life and ministry of Jesus, in a biblical context, in history and in a contemporary paradigm. Each chapter explores a tradition and follows… Continue reading

Barna – Revolution

Barna, George. Revolution. Carol Springs, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2005. Barna suggests that we are seeing the most significant recalibration of local church for over 150 years. He believes research is indicating we are in the midst of a revival that is radically different to all previous revivals, in that this spiritual revolution in the… Continue reading

NEWS 23 Nov 06

Hello Planters,     Since our last NEWS I attended the Revolution Conference in Seattle – where Brian McLaren and George Barna were the main speakers. I have posted ideas and some great ministry ideas from the conference on a NEW blog which you can find by using ‘control + click’ on (Note this is a new site since the… Continue reading