NEWS 19 Sept 06

Hello Church Planters,      Healthy churches multiply. Last week more than 20 new young adults chose to join Alfa Gospel Praises, which is at the heart of an innovative approach to church planting for postmoderns in the Záb?eh, Czech Republic. Alfa Gospel Praises has multiplied out of the Nová Šance plant. “It is impacting our… Continue reading

NEWS 16 Oct 06

Hello Church Planters,      Are we reaching new people for Jesus in our church plants? Why are so many of the new generations not connecting to church? Why do “alternative worship services within an existing church” usually fail?* Why are so many others (many of my generation – OK, older!) disconnecting from established churches? In… Continue reading

Almost an Atheist

At the Revolution Conference Helen Mildenhall – who hosts the Off the Map blogs Ebay Atheist and Conversation at the Edge – was invited to share her journey from committed Christian to being ‘almost an atheist.’ Helen explained that she didn’t decide God is not there, just that she had to consider, “What if he… Continue reading