Pentecost with X-preszo

On Pentecost day the Christian church was born with the outpouring of Holy Spirit. Most denominations follow a process by which church plants are ‘born’ and ‘affirmed’ as part its network – and this Pentecost weekend X-preszo was welcomed in with a baptism, prayers for the Spirit, welcome from their ‘parent’ church, a message from planting coordinator for the Netherlands Rudy Dingjan, a blessing from denominational leader Wim Altink, and a party. Most of those serving food and drinks were community friends – some who have found Jesus and others on a journey. We met Joe (not his real name), an avid Sparta fan, dressed in colors – who participates ‘because of the music’ but brings his friends to worship in full-orange-color when the national team is playing! A great day – with community still amazed by the activity of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers (see Acts 2)!

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