‘Person of Peace’ key to sharing faith!

How Jesus made disciples was the basis of a practical four day intensive in church planting for pastors in Egypt (April 21-25). The stories of Jesus were explored for principles – and then ideas put into practice. The 4 fields (Mark 4:26-29) together with Jesus instruction to the 72 disciples (Luke 10:1-24) provided the foundation for (1) connecting with communities, (2) identifying ‘persons of peace’, (3) sharing ‘our story’ to introduce the story of Jesus – so that it grows ‘all by itself’, (4) gathering people of new relational streams into groups, and (5) multiplying faith groups. All identified immediately with Jesus’ teaching on finding the ‘person of peace’ – a person who welcomes, is hospitable, a person who has influence and reputation. ‘In our culture we can identify these people immediately,’ pastors said. ‘It has been so inspiring to find the simple approach Jesus followed and taught is just what we need today!’

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