Planter’s Starbucks Office!

Church planter Bruce Logue makes Starbucks his office! When Bruce & Bev moved to Merced (central California) 14 months ago to plant a church to reach the predominantly young adult, educated population – Bruce set up his office in Starbucks. He works at his computer, reads, calls and visits – and interacts with people who stop by. Bev networks with people as a Speech Therapist. Since 10 September 2006 there has been a group of about 25 worshipping each week in a local Play House (arts theatre). “I realized we needed to slow down and notice people around us – to show simple acts of kindness to the people we meet.” Bruce told us.

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  1. Mercedian

    Peter, it was so nice to meet you in Seattle. And thanks for the comment about my Starbucks office.

    I just got back from Starbucks, and in the hour I was there three or four folks drifted by my table and started conversations.

    What a great place to office!

  2. peter

    Bruce, I had been making Gloria Jeans Cafe (Australian cafe franchise) a place for meetings. After listening to you, I am making it my “office” – reading, writing, etc. Opportunities come to greet people. Many people make it their “office”! Did you see the post about the church plant in a Gloria Jeans Cafe?

  3. Faith Crumbly

    I think that I will try somthing similar at the book store in the mall. The store has a cafe area. I did set up shop there while visiting my daughter while on vacation recently, but I didn’t have the approach (openness/availability) that Bruce showed, because I wasn’t in that frame of mind—but I am now.

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