NEWS 2 July 11

Hello Friends God can use all of us to gather people who do not know him into faith. Here are stories of people connecting with their communities in practical relational ways – on the paths of life! These will inspire and encourage you with ideas – and ways to move forward. Don’t miss the story… Continue reading

NEWS 13 June 11

Hello friends, Judy and I have been in Greece for the last 4 weeks. We have visited the places where Paul first planted churches in Europe – Philippi, Thessaloniki and Corinth. (Acts 16:6-17:15; 18:1-18) When in Athens I have taken my early morning walks around the Acropolis, most mornings pausing to reflect and pray on… Continue reading

NEWS 29 May 11

Hello friends, This week Judy and I have been with 35 church planters from England – exchanging practical ideas at a retreat summit in Greece. Over the last weeks we have equipped planting teams in Dubai and Beirut – and visited places where Jesus lived and early churches were planted. (Over coming weeks I will… Continue reading

NEWS 24 Mar 11

Hello friends, Many Christians are reaching out to share faith with family, work associates, neighbors and friends – in fresh ways! While they know most of their friends will not connect with existing churches, they are not spending their energies criticizing established, inherited forms of church. They have moved on – and they are ‘taking… Continue reading

NEWS 2 Feb 11

Hello planters, For 5 years I have been involved at grass-roots church planting again. Each plant has been the work of believers committed to missional initiatives, my role has been ‘encourager/facilitator’. Each plant has its own character – Living Waters, on Gilson College campus, is an environment of acceptance. Relaxed, open, interactive! Teams cultivate a… Continue reading

NEWS 6 Jan 11

Hello planters, Another year – and new opportunities. I encourage you to be courageous for God. We need to be! Last night I was looking at figures for my own denomination in Australia. With a book membership of over 55,000, it ‘grew’ by only 837 people in one year – less than 2 for each… Continue reading

NEWS 13 Dec 10

Hello planters, In the current WikiLeaks saga many are having their worst suspicions of institutional control and secrecy confirmed. Talk hosts are being deluged as high profile backers weigh in on the side of freedom of expression. Parallels have been drawn on how the printing of the Bible by the Gutenberg Press challenged information control… Continue reading

NEWS 29 July 10

Hello planters, I have listened to the stories of hundreds of fresh expressions of church. Some things stand out – 1. Keep it simple. Sustainable and reproducing churches are simple. 2. Churches that are growing are local churches that are planting other churches. 3. Churches of 20 attendees usually have 15 highly involved people/leaders (and… Continue reading

NEWS 31 May 10

Hello planters, After the fresh expressions dialogue in Pittsburgh (USA) I have been on holidays in Europe. The first week I was in the Netherlands at a 4-day Great Commission Festival with over 450 enthusiastic cutting-edge ‘urban missionaries’ – organized by church planting coordinator Rudy Dingjan. Then I was a guest speaker at a large… Continue reading

NEWS 9 May 10

Hello planters, For the last week Monte Sahlin and I have been at the Pittsburgh Metro Centre in Pennsylvania together with participants in the Adventist Fresh Expressions Dialogue (2-8 May) – sharing in the life of Andy & Mayda Clark, their community and church plant. We have experienced the depth of their community relationships in… Continue reading