NEWS 30 May 08

Hello Friends, One evening this week almost 40 people gathered in a Melbourne suburban home for coffee – and a chat with Sally and Floyd McClung. One participant said, “It was a powerful gathering!” – and I think I understood what was meant! It wasn’t primarily a reference to Sally or Floyd’s teaching – although… Continue reading

NEWS 1 May 08

Hello Planters, Last weekend I had the opportunity of working with Phil Brown and Glenn Townend in Western Australia – equipping another 8 or 9 church planting teams. On arriving in Perth, we went straight to a Chinese restaurant in Koondoola (a suburb) to meet with the All Nations Fellowship planting team (about 25 people)…. Continue reading

NEWS 17 Mar 08

Hello friends, Mission come from the heart of God. All believers are simply called to be faithful to him – and be where his Spirit is active in the world. It is encouraging to receive so many stories – there is a sense that God is releasing his people to touch their communities with his… Continue reading

NEWS 15 Mar 09

Hello planters, This week a major study (‘All Melbourne Matters’) of churches in the city of Melbourne (Australia) was released to the heads of denominations. It contains major challenges – • 1.1 million in the city describe themselves as having ‘no religion’. • While the population of the city is increasing by 90,000 per year,… Continue reading

NEWS 28 Feb 08

Hello friends,  Judy and I live in Melbourne, Australia. In many ways it is a microcosm of western societies – with a population of 3.7 million of over 140 different nationalities, with 160 languages spoken in homes, 50,000 overseas students, and 15,000 indigenous people. It is projected that there will be at least a further… Continue reading

NEWS 21 Dec 07

Hello Planters,  It is many weeks since the last Church Planting News. These have been busy months. In October/November, Judy and I visited church planters and planting projects in Belgium, France and Switzerland – and also spent a few days with friends in the UK. This NEWS is a series of very short stories. You… Continue reading

NEWS 01 Sept 07

Hello Planters,  Many have sent news items in the last few days. Some items are now on (where we have also added a page for Seminars & Conferences) – but here are more ideas, links and encouragement!   Your stories encourage others! Every time a CHURCH PLANTING NEWS goes out, I hear from Olga Murga…. Continue reading

NEWS 27 Aug 07

Dear Friends,  The 2006 Australian census figures provide challenging reading for Christians. Although the population in Australia is growing by over 260,000 per year, the number connecting with Christian churches is in decline. Denominations with stable membership numbers are in fact in rapid decline in relation to population growth. But official church records don’t always… Continue reading

NEWS 04 June 07

Hello Friends,   Some have written asking whether Judy & I are still alive! It is 2 months since the last NEWS. Since returning to Australia I have been coordinating preparations for three major series of public evangelistic meetings – and these have been happening for the last seven weeks. It has been an all consuming… Continue reading

NEWS 26 Mar 07

Hello Planters,      Here is the latest news. There is a new church plant in Melbourne call re:vive. Check out re:vive in Melbourne.      And, here is some radical – almost a ‘perverted’ form of encouragement! The ‘birth’ of something of significance usually arises from the ‘death’ of the visionary! On Sunday 18 March, Sydney (and Australia)… Continue reading