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For some years small groups of young people have been discussing the possibility of planting a church to reach their unchurched & de-churched friends in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The last months have been spent in prayer and planning. Last Saturday they went public for the first time – and yesterday, it was announced: “Our new church is re:vive!” Later when I asked where they got the name from, they said that they had been discussing, praying & sharing ideas – and this represented what they were about. They didn’t know they had a namesake in England!

About 45 people, mostly young adults, met yesterday at 4 pm. They were challenged – “If people don’t know God, it is hard to make the connection that they will be with God for eternity!” In a direct gospel presentation, Russ (one of the core team) invited all present to follow Jesus: “It’s simple. God has made a deal that is mind-numbingly easy to say ‘Yes’ to! Jesus died for our sins and if we follow Him we have eternity with God!” Russ went on to say, "I want me friends to know Jesus. We are here to share Jesus!" 

Re:vive is an environment of support & friendship – where people can be real, involved and know Jesus through prayer, faith & patient growth.

Re:vive is a place of prayer. A week ago I spent just over 2 hours with the core team – and that time was spent in prayer. A room at their meeting place has been dedicated as a prayer room – and each time they meet for worship, an open invitation is given for people to receive prayer and the annointing of the Holy Spirit.

Re:vive will multiply. The core team members are convinced that they are part of a movement – that the Holy Spirit wants young people who have simply been sitting on the edge of churches to take the challenge to plant many new places of faith and sharing across Melbourne.

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  1. Lee

    Just want to say to all the Revive guys in Auz, that I know you’ll have an amazing time as you prayerfully allow God to ‘revive’ your CITY (or wherever you’re focusing your efforts) through you. EVERY DAY is awesome now we’re church planting here in our small corner of Blighty! There is NOTHING that God cannot do and it’s such a privilege that he calls us to partner with him in HIS amazing work to get people to heaven! With God, no fear, no worries mate! God bless you!
    Lee Gallaher
    re:vive, Grantham

  2. peter

    Thanks Lee. And, we pray for the Holy Spirit to continue His blessings for you – and all at re:vive (Grantham). Peter

  3. Claire Egan

    Thank you Peter so much for your support and your prayers! We appreciate your understanding and look forward to growing and learning along with you what God has for us to do!
    Thanks Lee for your comment – we are so excited about the possibilities and we’re really looking forward to seeing what God does with us!

  4. Lydia Gallaher

    It was so exciting to read in the church planting news that we have a twin down under! Looks like we will have to pay a visit to our new extended church family! Any excuse to travel to Australia!

    God bless all of you at re:vive for what you are doing to spread the Gospel. It is such an honour and privilege to be doing God’s work!

  5. Russ

    Hey guys!
    Re:vive as a church name embodies everything that we think the Holy spirit wants done in Melbourne! No doubt that was the same the feeling you guys had with your plant. Very exciting! Thanks heaps for your support, [and for the sharing of the name 🙂 ]
    If you guys visit, you got a family here for you!!


  6. Gordon

    We have just returned from Oz visiting our daughter in Perth and discovered our church planting twin. Although the names are different (Cafe 7 and The Watering Hole) we discovered we were both starting cafe churches reaching the people in the suburbs of a major city (Southampton, UK and Perth, WA) in shopping precincts where there is no cafe. Our philosophies and mandates are similar too. Here’s to all Austro-Anglo twins.

  7. Alex

    Congrats guys on the Re:vive Movement. My prayers and heart go out to you each week as you journey through God and With God. Amazing things happen when you live on the Edge, and let His will be done. Like always, Don’t worry about drawing the crowds. If your on fire for God, people will come and watch you burn. So may this church burn brightly. Hi from the US of A. Cant wait to visit. Be strong in Him and continue to seek out the people that need to hear his message. God Bless, Catch Al.

  8. Sue Norton(cafe church)

    It is so enlightening to hear the Good news is reaching far afield. This could lead to a world-wide churchplanters convention soon!! Jabez` Prayer at its best!

  9. Soraya

    I am new to Melbourne and am struggling to find a church that fits. I have previously been involved in a churchplant, and I had the opportunity to watch it grow over the past six years.
    Will you be meeting every week? It sounds like a wonderful idea – I would love to come check it out!

  10. peter

    Yes, Revive meets a number of times each week. There is a prayer time Monday evenings, small groups Wednesday evenings, Vive Cafe on Thursday evenings, Saturday 10.30 and Revive on Saturdays at 4.00 pm. You would be welcome. You will find New Life and Revive at 17 Surrey Road West, Croydon VIC 3136.

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