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“Skyrocketing rental prices and the cost of living are ‘trapping more Maroondah families in poverty,’” reports social worker David Knoop in the Maroondah Leader (the area newspaper in eastern Melbourne). David Knoop, with Connections, runs The Dining Room  – a soup kitchen – where the number coming for food has almost doubled since December 2007 to 90 people. Members of Revive (church plant) have teamed up to support Knoop and Connections – and the press reports that Knoop and Revive are now launching an extra families’ night at the Revive centre to cope with the demands.

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  1. Neal Taylor

    It’s also worth noting that the Dining Room began with David Knoop through Connection Church of Christ, and many folk from there still volunteer at the Dining Room. So, Revive has technically joined with Connection. In addition there are many of the volunteers who are not at either church, or even go to a church.

  2. peter

    Thanks Neal. Yes, this is a real community effort to meet a growing challenge – and many are involved. All involved are doing a great work.

  3. Gary Walter

    Peter, I tried to send a msg thru the contact form, but am getting php error msgs. there.

    Check out my updated church planting blog that you once asked about. At this point, it is a postmortem.

  4. peter

    Thanks Gary. I have checked out your blog. I enjoyed reading it. I also agree that the primary purpose of planting is to relate to the 96%. I also believe that a church plant must be reproducing and multiplying.

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