Spiritual Revolution Weekend!

50 young people from across Western Australia spent this last weekend reflecting on the Book of Acts, praying, listening to God, experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit, reading their Bibles – and discussing how God may want them to relate the gospel to their unchurched friends. It was not a weekend of presentations. Many had read through the Book of Acts before they came – and the insights of the group were shared: “It is cool how God added to their number each day!” “Prayer was part of their lives!” “Those early believers were prepared to suffer for their faith.” “It is really cool to see how they were filled with the Holy Spirit of God!” “They couldn’t stop talking about Jesus!”

Time was spent learning to experience God, to pray through scripture, to share in real 'conversational prayer' – and to listen to Him. Some time was set aside for total silence in God’s presence – and we shared an “awesome” Agape Meal with anointing prayer. Go to conversational prayer & Agape Meals for more ideas.

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