Steigen – ‘It can happen’

Some are not sure that the gospel can be shared in western cultures – and some are still trying to perfect past methods. But starting with what God had placed in their hands – a small farm, horses, a workshop and a heart for young people – Jan Erik and Gunhild Hansen in Steigen in northern Norway, started ‘youth clubs’ in their home each Tuesday and Thursday evenings! Now 10-12 years on, they took 10 kids to a Christian Camp at Sommerfryd this year. At least one from a totally non-Christian home has told Jan Erik and Gunhild that he wants to know more about Jesus. Another girl and her mother have become Christians and share worships times with them. ‘This is church planting!’ (And Jan Erik and Gunhild – your story has inspired missional activities all around the world! We rejoice with you!)

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