THE BRIDGE – church of the poor!

“People deserve to be loved because they exist,” Ken Loyd told us. Ken & his wife Deborah identify with the poor of downtown Portland, Oregon – amongst whom they have planted The Bridge. They admit, “We are poor!” Ken is now moving on to plant another church among the street kids – while Deborah continues to minister at The Bridge. Their planting strategy is simple (but chaotic and painful): (1) forsake the status quo & experience the pain of following God and His dreams, (2) obey God’s will (and dream) to feed, clothe, identify with and show kindness to people, (3) keep your core team as small as possible, and then, (4) ask the people among whom you plant: “Can we came to your party? What would music ‘aimed’ at God look like? What would your church look like?” Ken says, “If you follow this pattern, it will give you a church that is totally unique to each place.” All worship music at The Bridge is written in-house.

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