The re:vive journey – Stories!

Harry Warner (aged 11) says: Before I started to come to re:vive I thought that God was nothing but a myth. But, now I’m a believer – and everything positive in my life has something to do with God. I think God is a swell guy. He can do some amazing things. I think re:vive has a really cool team – and every one of them has helped me along the way with God. Everyone on the team of re:vive are brilliant people to be with. They all have their own unique way of helping people. So to anyone out there I would recommend God and re:vive because those two things put together are a brilliant experience!

Zak Warner (aged 13) writes: Before I joined re:vive I was, to put it frankly, very atheistic. I always thought science was the answer to the things I wanted to know. However, when I joined re:vive I was introduced to a great guy called God. I tried to find a way of proving that the idea that God existed was wrong. But, whenever I asked a question, such as about the origin of the earth, Christianity came up with an answer that made perfect sense. I started to learn about God in re:vive – and on my own as well – and I found it interesting! I realised that whatever science can answer, so could God – and whatever science couldn’t answer, God could. However I wasn’t into Christianity merely for the knowledge. I started praying for various things and to learn more and more about God. All of my prayers were answered – and I found that learning about God was amazing fun and interesting. I’m now going to get baptised very soon because of what I’ve learnt and discovered – my true belief in God. I have changed for the better since I went to re:vive.

Paula Warner (Mum to Harry & Zak) says: I have now been part of re:vive for over 21 months. I am part of a small group which is important to me as I am able to meet up with my friends and shares some time with them learning about God and praying together. I am now comfortable to pray within my small group, I have always been in awe of people who can pray but have learnt that God listens to everyone and a prayer can be small and simple and that there isn’t a right or wrong way to pray. Re:vive has become a large part of our lives as a family. My two sons Zak and Harry are part of re:vive and have made a lot of close friends. They have learnt about Christianity and how to live their lives as Christians. Zak has also chosen to be baptised. This will be re:vive’s first baptism! As a family we have enjoyed countless social evenings with re:vive and had a lovely weekend away in Derbyshire last September. It is important to me still that we can have church and a social life together as a family. As a family we are very grateful for all the love and support that the guys at re:vive have given (and continue to give) to us. Re:vive have the right idea about what a church should be, without loosing any of the values that a church has, it is about family, friendship, love, support and most important of all God!  


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  1. Lee

    The great thing about being part of a church plant is that you get to meet more and more of God’s children. Paula, Zak and Harry have all indicated that they’ve enjoyed the friendship (the fellowship) of re:vive – God’s community. As a fellow member of that community I want it to be known that the whole Warner family are themselves a tremendous blessing, both to those of us who started the church plant and to God. All the good bits of church planting are mutual. God gives to everyone.

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