Hello church planters I have just returned home from the Pacific Reach Movement Conference in Fiji. The vision is for each local church across the Pacific island nations to plant another church. Over 230 with this vision – leaders, pastors and members – spent a week at Fulton College to be equipped. On her flight home to Vanuatu Sarai,… Continue reading

NEWS 13 APR 14

Hello friends Jesus followed and taught a simple plan to make disciples – (1) connect with people by eating with them – listening to their stories, (2) meet people’s needs – bringing healing – using our stories as a bridge to, (3) sharing God’s story – ‘the kingdom of God is near’. In this News you will find a range of resources and equipping… Continue reading

NEWS 25 FEB 14

Hello friends Some thought missional might be another fad. But, it is not proving to be! Yes, some terms pass their use-by-date. Emerging church was a great term – church from below, connected with the past and, at the same time, the future. However, it was damaged from within and without – even negatively impacting the term emerging missional church. So we might be back to missional – and this… Continue reading

Books on movements

Check out these great books relating to movements – – ‘Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery’ (David Watson & Paul Watson) – ‘Miraculous Movements: How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love with Jesus’ (Jerry Trousdale) – ‘Pioneering Movements: Leadership that multiplies disciples and churches’ (Steve Addison) – ‘Movements… Continue reading

Bible Lands Study Tour 2015

Follow the disciple making path of Jesus – a great opportunity to walk where Jesus walked! There are limited places still available for 15-30 June this year. Why not take this opportunity? For more information, itinerary & costs – contact

Shiftm2M in Europe

Shiftm2M is a journey on which Christian leaders intentionally shift from doing ministry to cultivating movements by following Jesus’ example. Resources are provided (reading guides, podcasts, videos) to explore the life of Jesus as it unfolded – from beginning to end. Live-in retreats at key intervals provide opportunity to process and apply the discoveries being… Continue reading