To Vaccinate or Not … and our freedoms for church & mission

If you hope for a discussion of the pros and cons of vaccination, claims or counter-claims for the latest scientific data, alternate cures or even the wildest conspiracy theories—you will be disappointed. This discussion paper raises questions and issues relating to God’s mission and church—and, our participation. A dilemma of our freedoms In countries where… Continue reading

Starting a House Church Today

Both terms house and church have been redefined since New Testament times. Extended families lived in houses – with people (and animals) coming and going, unlike our private places of retreat; and the term church only ever referred to people meeting in those houses – never to buildings, denominations, or hierarchies or leadership. Important insights… Continue reading

BoS is Simple Church

Have met with the core 4 of BoS – which is an acronym (in Dutch) for ‘Bible on your Lap’. They were all members and involved as leaders at a nearby Adventist church – and had for about a year become more involved in sharing faith with young people who were disconnecting from church. They… Continue reading

House Churches expand witness!

Even though homes were places where believers gathered in the first century, and modern church planting movements are house-church based, many church pastors are wary of them. There are good reasons – but also some misunderstandings! First, local church pastors don’t want to lose attendees. Attendees provide financial and human resources for their ministries –… Continue reading

Simple Church Webinar

Most under the age of 40 have not walked into a church building. Is there an effective way to reach secular and unchurched people? This webinar with Milton Adams will introduce the Simple Church Network – a lay-led Adventist house church network, and will give you the practical steps to start. Time: Sunday, March 21,… Continue reading