Immersion Baptism in Cafe

The tank in which Aaron was baptised, purchased from a landscaping company, had previously been used for storing fish and water plants while owners were clearing out garden ponds. Aaron says the water tasted of fish – but church planters Bryan & Isobel Webster don’t believe him! (I did think of the title – Immersion Baptism in Café Fish Tank!)


Bryan talked about a loving, non-judgmental Father God who has drawn Aaron to Himself, and who will continue to guide Aaron in the path He knows is best for him.  Aaron spoke of his commitment to seeking and listening for that guidance, and what a difference God has made to him.  The two ladies from the Probation Service, who originally brought Aaron to Café Church, were there and were delighted about it all. Although not church people, Aaron’s family acknowledged what faith has done for Aaron.


Eija and Andrew – who are part of the planting team – were visiting in Australia. However, they did not miss out for Andrew had set up some cameras in the Cafe before leaving England and they watched the baptism from Melbourne, live over the internet.

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