Get socializing & have fun!

Building Community, Transforming Lives is what the re:vive plant (in Grantham, England) is all about. They say, “it can be easier to invite people to get to know God if they already know you – so get socializing and have some fun! Here are some ideas we’ve tried – or are about to”: 

A  anniversary celebrations  B bowling, barbecues, boating, birthday celebrations, book reading clubs, bonfire nights, boys nights in/out  C car rally, cinema, city tours, cycling, carnivals, camping, competitions, Christmas parties  D day trips, drama, drinks evenings  E eating out, eating in, Easter egg hunt  F Fireworks, fancy dress balls, face-painting evening  G games evening, golf, girls night in/out  H hiking, hanging out (this is simple, cheap and very popular)  I ice-skating  J jogging, jazz festivals  K karting, karaoke  L lazer quest  M music concerts/festivals, motorcycling, mystery tours, murder mystery evening  N nature trails  O open-air concerts  P parties (any excuse – housewarming, birthday, anniversary, etc), picnics, paint-balling, progressive tea, punting, pancake evening  Q quiz nights, quad biking  R running  S swimming, skiing, snooker, salsa dancing  T treasure hunts, tournaments (air hockey, play station, girls v boys, etc), theatre, themed evenings  V video nights  W walks 


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