Church Planting Movements

Last week I participated in a summit of church planting movement practitioners. 100+ people with the passion of preparing people for the soon coming of Jesus. Some are learning – others are part of movements that are planting 1,000s and tens of 1,000s of churches a year. They shared with each other key movement principles, how to learn to be movements, how to ensure this was part of their DNA, resources for equipping planters and movement leaders, and partnering with others to prepare people for the coming of Jesus. Although there were variations – the basic definition of a church is: a minimum of 10 new baptized believers from at least 3 different families who are meeting weekly to share the Word and worship, who are making other disciples and planting another church. They work with the principle that each church multiplies to 4 churches every two years. No buildings are built – and no trainers or church planters are paid. (If the people themselves want to build a structure, that is OK – but no money comes from outside.) House churches are basic in their thinking. The NT churches all met in houses – not because of persecution, but rather because the HS intended this to be. Are you part of such a vision?

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