Denominational Administrator now Church Planting – & loving it!

Pawel Simek, former leader/administrator of Adventists in Czech and Slovakia, is planting a new church in Prague. Usually church planting teams start in homes or rented premises – but entrepreneur and property developer Radim Passer became a Christian in 1999 and built a worship centre as part of the huge commercial development, BB Centrum. ‘Two years ago we started with a group of six, sitting in a circle in this beautifully furnished conference-worship facility,’ says Pawel. ‘It felt really strange. But, now there are small groups, an early morning prayer time each weekday for people from nearby commercial offices, a child care centre operating in the complex, and about 70 gathering for worship each week.’ Pawel and Radim (who worships at another small church) conduct regular evening and morning public presentations on the Bible – and Pawel brings interested people into the growing circle of Bethany Community Centre. ‘I am loving this!’ says Pawel, ‘Unchurched people are treated equally with believers – some musicians sharing their songs, others hold key roles as treasurer or deacons. It is working really well – and people are coming to Jesus!’

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