Denominational Vision Gains Momentum!

It seems rare to find denominational leaders with a clear vision. There are so many challenges in keeping inherited systems operating – and, for some, maintaining structures is their mission. However, Glenn Townend, leader of the Adventists in Western Australia (and church planter) has fostered an environment for the growth of a movement. The vision to renew Adventism as a movement in the State (and to have 20,000 disciples by 2020) has been fostered through a regular weekly focus upon prayer; a glocal perspective – involvement in mission locally and internationally (Mongolia and Papua New Guinea); a systematic and intentional plan to equip church planters – with simple as well as creative, ethnic and traditional models encouraged; the affirmation and release of indigenous people to plant groups in their culture, encouragement for older couples to multiply house churches, and for young adults to plant the next generation of churches. Part of this is a School of Church Planting Movements (CPM) recently launched at Curtin University – fostered by ACTS planter and pastor, Sven Ostring.

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