Getting to Movement – Obstacles!

Steve Addison has been blogging on the obstacles to church planting movements. This is No. 4 in a series –

‘When four generations of disciples and churches are the norm, you’re in the middle of a church planting movement (CPM). It’s hard enough to get to a CPM. They are just as hard to sustain. Here are some obstacles that a CPM must overcome if it is to survive and grow.

Traditional church culture. A counter-traditional Christian culture must be created. Tradition kills the Spirits liberty to move, New wine in New wineskins is a must.
Excitement over first and second generation growth must be directed toward third generation and beyond. A focus must be kept toward getting to movement.
Foreign funding can divert the energy of the movement. Outside resources meant to help, redirect energy toward projects and individuals that stop movements.
Leaders bought out by other missions. Everyone will want a piece of the action once word gets out. Leaders and their churches will be tempted by foreign funding and fame.
Traditional Christians quenching Spirit-led progress. Persecution from local denominations who are threatened when their unbiblical traditions are not honored.
Money and structures misused. Funds poured into buildings rather than reaching lost people in new fields. Forcing a living movement into a formal, controlling, structure.
Lack of long term training. Movements have a huge appetite for biblical truth, getting it to them in a reproducible method is a must.
Sterile methodologies. Outsiders bringing methods that are too complicated, foreign, or costly to reproduce locally.
Denominations and ordinations. Once leaders become successful they will be tempted to protect their power base through professional elitism.’

Check out Steve’s blog on Movements for more!.

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