Living Faith on the Paths of Life!

The Gospel of Matthew outlines the values and frames for Jesus’ movement building. In a series of dialogue sessions with St Andrews Adventist Church in Bundaberg, Queensland, we have been exploring these themes –
• Radical Status Reversal: If God is like Jesus, what kind of God is He?
• How is God impacted by our experiences?
• An ‘Arab Spring’ in the church – is it rebellion, revolution or reformation?
• Getting Faith Back ‘On the Road’!
• Why Jesus rejected ‘religion’ – and his alternate, radical ideas!
• The ‘wrong people’ & their Influence
• Righteousness that is entirely different!
• Religious that is Real
• Sabbath – a metaphor of God’s Radical Kingdom
• Shifting Boundaries – feeding the 5,000 & 4,000!
• Why did Jesus say so little about ‘church’?

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