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Conscious Cafe (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) – opens Upper Room

The Church (Enfield, England)


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  1. pastor N.VIJAY RAJU

    here in india meny pastors running wor ship in small huts and rented houses.sir if you possible.thin about church buldings for poor of the poor pastors in india.through your ministries

  2. Pastor Javed

    Dear Friends,

    Prise in the name of Heavenly Father & Lord Jesus Christ

    People go to Heaven through faith in the Blood and Baptism of Jesus. only by faith in one’ s heart in the Work that Jesus did Do entitles People to go Heaven. God has allowed only People to come to Heaven who Believe in Jesus through the Gospel of the Water and Spirit We cannot enter Heaven through our donations, devotion, or hypocritical only People who believe in the baptism Jesus received, the Blood He shed, that He is God, the Son of God, and God the Savior who saved them from in can enter Heaven. The only method to be able to enter Heaven is faith in Jesus and the salvation the He completed.
    Glory to Lord.

    the Bible tells us to we need to follow to enter heaven”

    1) Faith in Christ is sufficient;
    2) Repentance provides salvation;
    3) Forgiveness is all that is required;
    4) The plan of salvation requires baptism to remove sin;
    5) Good works are essential
    God bless you. Please pray for us we are also praying for you.

    Your’s Brother in Christ,

    Pastor Javed Masih
    House #1, Street # 10/ A, Mujahid Colony,
    Babu Sabu, Band Road, Lahore. PakistanTelephone # 92-304-4059121

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