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Dear Friends

There are so many good ministry ideas in this CHURCH PLANTING NEWS. I am sure there is something here that will inspire you in your efforts to find new ways to reach lost people in church community. Remember – we are not planting churches to foster new styles of worship. We are not wanting to fall into the ‘rut’ of waiting for people to come to us (as traditional churches have done for centuries). We are committed to getting into the community to reach lost people for God.

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Peter Roennfeldt






“Our video ministry is reaching many places including Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and the Australian outback,” writes Stanborough Church pastor, Robert Vine. “The tapes of our Family Worship go out to friends of the church via our video-secretary Radomir Bardel, who takes it on as one of his special ministries.”


The Blood Transfusion Services (in England) need venues in which to do their work. They are looking for 11,000 blood donors each week. “They pay a good rent and attract community minded people into church premises,”

writes Fishpool church planter, Peter Jeynes. What about offering your facilities?


“Sabbath January 18, 2003 a reporter from one of the major Norwegian Christian newspapers visited Cornelis with a photographer and two friends. On that particular Sabbath Yngvar Børresen was going to preach on why God seems so harsh in the Old Testament. From the start everything went wrong. While practicing for worship, we all got frustrated at how bad it sounded, and the the muscicians couldn’t even agree who should play which instruments (they are all very talented). Our beautiful power-point presentation didn’t work on the lap-top we had brought, and two miniutes after the service should have started, there were only 25 people in attendance. I had promised the journalist at least 60. Of course we had prayed. We had prayed with the whole team, and the worship-team had prayed with the musicians, and of course many of us continued praying as everything still seemed to go wrong. We were all a little depressed. But as we have learned again and again throughout this project, God had it all planned. Seven minutes late we started worship, and as the first song was finished there were 90 adults and 9 children in attendance. As usual, at least 10 were first time visitors whom we didn’t know much about, and at least another 30-40 were unchurched or previously unchurhed people. The worship went very well even without the words on the screen. God’s presence was felt by all, and the sermon was brilliant, but what most impressed the Journalist and his friends was the sense of fellowship and community they experienced. After having interviewed a german catholic girl (one of our hostessess for the day), a recently converted drug-addict (who is still

struggling) and a couple (she has just come back to the church and he is not yet a Christian) – the journalist was amazed at how we had succeded in making such very different people feel so very much at home. Later that night, the Catholic girl invited the whole church to her home for fellowship and a meal. The drug-addict phoned me in the middle of the night to tell me how much the church in general, and some of the people in particular made him feel loved and accepted, and how he longed to be released from his addiction so that he could serve God more fully. Isn’t God just the greatest!” – Cornelius church planters, Harald Giesebrecht.

Cornelius is an Adventist church plant in Olso, Norway.


Southside Community Church (a congregational Sabbath keeping church plant in Brisbane, Australia) is celebrating its 8th birthday this Sabbath

– 8 February 2003. “We are planning a birthday extravaganza,” says planter and pastor Ken Houliston. This will provide opportunities to see old friends – and establish new community relationships. This church remains on the cutting edge of contact with the community – with the latest projects including – # The Family Unit – a project sponsored by the Queensland Department of Families for those at risk.

# – the Logan youth magazine project providing training for unemployed young adults.

# Spot On Café – with plans to become a fully commercial café as well as ministry centre.

# Sunrise – a ministry that provides activities and fellowship for seniors.

# SPOT CAM – a proposed media school for youth.

The birthday celebrations will provide opportunities to participate in Kidzone (ages 0-12), The SPOT (open for 13-19 yo), GROW Education (adult learning), to see Ministry displays, and participate in Worship Celebration. Lunch will be provided at Spot On Café.

# Newsletter – ‘eside southside’: If you would like to receive ‘eside southside for ministry ideas – write to Michael and Dorlene <[email protected]>


“We are spending our Tuesdays in prayer, praise and thanksgiving,”

write planters Dana and Leslie King. “Let us back track and give thanks.”

# 120 turned out for the Christmas Party. About 50 children were involved in the production and we had a wonderful time with these families. They brought all the food and refreshments and enjoyed the cafe style layout as the children did a full glow in the dark (black light) presentation of the nativity with creative dance and music. Fantastic we all had a great time!

Dana and Leslie – and their prayer intercessors – are also praying for the host of ministries that have launched this New Year. These include ‘Time Out Together’ (their registered community charity) – # “When we met with the parenting group/ trustees for Time Out Together, we were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm to get things on the move this year. That was when we realised we had two grants packs to be completed and submitted!” write Dana and Leslie.

# “Our Alpha student is meeting with us every Wednesday evening. We are studying the Parenthood small groups guide by Bill Hybels. It is lovely to see the eagerness to find out what the Bible says about parenting.”

# “Please pray for our plans for the multi-purpose use centre (where the Yeovil Family Church will also meet), portfolio plans for businesses, meetings with local company managers/committees, applications for funding, PR work etc,” request Dana and Leslie. “And please pray ahead for our –

– Holiday Bible School Feb 23-28

– Holy Spirit and skills camp for Pathfinders in Easter

– Yeovil Family Camp in May 24-28.”


“We enjoyed the time with the Pathfinders last night,” write Dana and Leslie King, church planters in Yeovil, South England. “We had two main questions to pose for Teen Alpha – what do you think of the Bible? and, is the Bible relevant to you?”

It is not an easy task to make the Bible appealing and enjoyable reading to a group of twenty unchurched 10-15 year old kids! The answers give us an insight into the views of 10-15’s –

# ‘What do you think of the Bible?’ Boring, too much writing, OK for

Christians. It is so bitty! Why does it not have just one story? Long words. I don’t understand it. Very educational. It for everybody. Its alright for little children.

# ‘Is the Bible relevant to you?’ Yes – it tells how we can live

forever. No – it says nothing about boys or fashon. Well I don’t know. No its not relevant. And, this observation from a 14yr old – “Why does half the town get taught the Bible and the other half just get alcohol and drugs?”

“Next Monday we shall be introducing Prayer during our Alpha time,”

write Dana and Leslie. “This is a supernatural experience. We plan to really challenge these children with a key issue in their life. It is often at this point that they come to a conclusion as to whether God is real /relevant to them. We will really need your prayers for these Pathfinders in preparation for Monday.” Dana and Leslie also have plans to experiment more with an interactive visual model of exploring faith issues.

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